Martin Rondeau was born in Montreal in 1970 and has been showing his works with Galerie Le Royer since 2007. He was attracted to photography from an early age. In his early twenties, while travelling the world as an assistant to some of the most renowned professional photographers, Rondeau came to realize that his passion was in fact a true vocation. The artist's innovative vision and unique style are marked with visual ambiguities and contrasts that fiercely transcend boundaries - his images are post-modern critiques of western pop culture. Be prepared for interference, rupture, transgression, distortion, and scarring. The result is a unique series that intensify, crystallize, and ultimately set us free from the initial gaze. Rather than creating languid obstructions, the geometric constancy in these weavings functions as a symphony of layers that mould the work together into self-critiquing deconstruction of societal representations of the body.