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It is through the repetition of the representation of the cow that Eloïse Brodeur raises questions and debates. Rather than the accuracy of the proportions or the rendering, it is the persistence to reproduce the animal over and over and to study it carefully that challenges us. These cattles are immobile, satisfied and ruminant, but beyond the moment captured on the canvas, their portraits show a great sensitivity in their attitude and behaviour.

Through her practice, Eloïse Brodeur mainly questions a way of living and consuming, as well as abundance, surplus and overproduction. Since she finished her studies, she puts forward what attracts and fascinates her: the harmlessness reviewed and reinterpreted. It represents an idealized version of the cow, far from those found on industrial farms. The artist takes them out of their natural environment, replacing the pasture with a monochrome background. This space imposes itself as a zone of reflection and interrogation. Through this purifying desire, she seeks to extract the superfluous, concentrating on a conscientious representation of the animal. This quest for the essential is manifested by a tightening of the compositions and frame towards the bovine figure, as well as an emphasis on the unique presence of the animal. She tries to respect the tranquility and equanimity of her subject by using an almost monochromatic palette. Extracted from its natural and colorful environment, the pure space surrounding it suggests balance and calls for serenity and introspection.

Éloïse Brodeur was raised in an environment suitable for the development of her own creativity as her mother was a painter and her father an architect. She graduated from Concordia University in Montreal in visual arts and received various awards and scholarships for her artwork. Eloïse Brodeur also had the opportunity of attending advanced drawing workshops in Umbria, Italy. Since 1999, Brodeur has taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions across Canada.

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