Laura Nieto - Artists - Galerie LeRoyer

Laura Nieto was born in Medina del Campo (Spain) in 1978. From 1996 to 2001, she pursued a Fine Arts Degree at the esteemed University of Salamanca, acquiring the skills and knowledge that would lay the foundation for her artistic endeavours. In 2017, she made the decision to establish both her residence and workspace in the captivating city of San Sebastian. Since then, San Sebastian has become not only her home but also a wellspring of inspiration for her art. The city's vibrant atmosphere and picturesque surroundings infuse her work with a distinct flavour, enriching her artistic expression.

For the past few years, her art has revolved around the contemplation of paying attention, the passage of time, and the workings of memory. Her paintings skilfully capture individuals, locations, and fleeting moments of everyday life, presenting them in representational form. Through these visual creations, she unveils the landscapes of humanity that we often overlook due to their internalization.

Her dedication to observation has naturally led her to explore a new thematic path: floral still lifes, which she has aptly named “serene lives.” In these artworks, she conveys pictorial values that elicit unhurried visual experiences, similar to those found within the “human landscapes.”

Both themes draw us nearer to the ordinary instances of life, exposing the interplay between respite and the gradual erosion of all transient things.

Over the years, her artistic process has evolved. While she initially focused solely on oil as her medium, the act of painting has now assumed a more central role, inspiring her to venture into experimentation with fresh mediums like acrylics, aerosols, and iridescent paints. With every scene she conceives, her intention is to uphold the viewer's right to contemplation and foster a renewed appreciation for reality. In this alternate reality, she ensures that both experimentation and aesthetic pleasure coexist harmoniously.