Martin Rondeau Artist - Represented by Galerie LeRoyer

Born in 1970 in Joliette, Quebec, Martin Rondeau currently resides and practices in Montreal. His passion for photography ignited at a young age, propelling him into an exploration of the art form's vast possibilities. Guided by renowned photographers, Rondeau embarked on a journey that led him across the globe, shaping his distinctive vision and fostering his creative spirit.

Martin Rondeau is a conceptual artist who brings a fresh perspective into photography by transcending its traditional two-dimensional constraints. Drawing from his extensive experience in the fashion photography industry, he strives to create a new artistic form. By cutting, tearing, and weaving, Rondeau transforms materials into sculptural, textured, and intricately woven forms, which challenge viewers' perceptions and create visual ambiguity. This reconstruction of various elements revolves around themes of contoured bodies and finely sculpted faces, presenting an innovative interpretation of beauty. Moreover, Rondeau's collage-like manipulation of physical materials creates trompe-l’œil illusions, encouraging fresh interpretations and expanding the horizons of photographic potential.

As the artist expresses, “Photography transcends mere translation of visual reality. It serves as a medium for reconstructing chosen compositions. I revel in disruption, and art compels me to fulfill that urge”. 

Having originated in fashion photography, Martin Rondeau brings three decades of deep involvement in the visual arts domain. His pieces adorn the walls of esteemed galleries throughout North America and Europe, alongside prominent art fairs such as Art Basel. Embraced by both private collectors and public institutions worldwide, his works have found a place in diverse collections.