Rogelio Manzo Artist - Represented by Galerie LeRoyer

Rogelio Manzo, originally from Mexico, goes beyond traditional portraiture, creating dark and captivating images of the human figure. His art reflects a complex blend of cultural influences and a deep concern for the fragility of life. After leaving Mexico in his youth, he settled in the United States, first in Reno, Nevada, and later in Sacramento, California.

While exploring architecture and painting informally, he found his true passion in painting. His background in architecture influenced his choice of unconventional materials, using resin panels designed for interior walls. His method involves image transfers, layers of paint and fabric, creating luminous surfaces that contrast with his dark themes.

The evolution of his style led him to focus on the human face, delving into the identity of humanity. His portraits blend elegance and decadence. While outwardly refined, they often contain subversive distortions. Manzo openly embraces the macabre aspect of his images, yet this duality between horror and beauty exerts a particular allure. His works also carry a profound message, shedding light on mortality and the injustices of the world. They remind us of our finiteness, encouraging contemplation of the time allotted to us.

Manzo draws inspiration from diverse artistic cultures while being shaped by his Mexican heritage, which imbues him with a desire to create authentic art. His work is exhibited in the United States, Mexico, and Europe, in galleries, museums, and international art fairs, garnering attention for its unique fusion of darkness and beauty.