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Ognian Zekoff | FOCUS

GLR 60 

Press Release

Capturing the complexity of the human form, Ognian Zekoff sees hands as the most emotional part of the human body. By representing them in a variety of positions and tones, he offers a range of different emotional states, from anxiety to love, to passion and anger.

Ognian Zekoff illustrates how emotion and passion can come out of the canvas by using a monochromatic colour palette. He explores the shift of significance that occurs as he changes the colours of his subjects. His hyperrealistic paintings instantly capture the viewer’s attention and provoke an important visual and emotional impact.

Ognian Zekoff not only possesses exceptional talent and mastery to reproduce the human figure in ways that make it incredibly lively, but he is also master of chiaroscuro technique, using this effect by accentuating contrasts to create a dramatic but soothing atmosphere. A purity, a simplicity, and a serenity whose nobility and transcendence emanate from his works, combining modernity and tradition create timeless and spiritual beauty.