Joseph Curtis is an accomplished self-taught artist hailing from London, renowned for his captivating artistic exploration of dating dynamics as portrayed through the nostalgic lens of 1950s stamps. With his distinct and thought-provoking creations, Joe has captured the essence of romantic retrospection, inviting viewers into a world where relationships are both a canvas and a chronicle.
Notably, his debut solo exhibition 'The Good Old Dates' in Soho, London, sold out in 48 hours, and his evocative works have secured their place in numerous private and corporate collections.
Through his signature stamp paintings, Joe challenges the evolving role of technology in modern relationships. His exhibitions elegantly juxtapose 1950s dating with the contemporary scene, prompting contemplation on the role of technology in uniting or distancing us.
Before embarking on his artistic journey, Joe had a thriving career in the advertising world. However, the global pandemic prompted him to undergo a transformational shift, redirecting his professional focus toward the world of painting. This decision led him to the vibrant city of Athens, where he introduced his art to the world. This marked the beginning of a remarkable journey, blending nostalgia and innovation as key features of Joe's art.