David Moreno

David Moreno was born in Barcelona in 1978. An architect by training, he soon devoted himself to his artistic practice. Since 2006, he has exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. He now lives and works between Rotterdam and Barcelona. 
In his sculptures, David Moreno builds imaginary architectures. To contemplate his pieces is to get lost in them. To the aesthetic experience must be added the reflective one. Moreno's architectures tell us about human relationships: the bonds we establish, the interconnections, the flows of energy, love, or power between people.
Moreno sees our links, affiliations, and phobias with those thin lines that unite us to others or to ourselves. But that is just my interpretation, each one will find its own significance for those piano strings, flexible but strong, interconnecting the elements together. His work is meticulous: every line welded with a silver thread point. Dot by dot, just how human bonds are built. Although mine is not a capricious interpretation, as the titles of his pieces guide us in this sense: Between one and another, We go from one to another, together or from, small to big, to mention just a few examples.
David Moreno explores new territories. On the one hand, experimentation with colour to add another dimension to his sculptures, while on the other hand, he goes a little further in the construction of imaginary spaces. In one of his new series, Connection of Cathedral, the house disappears and in its place appears the stairs and the Romanic porticos. The rigid steps replace flexible ties. The relationship differs. The descents and ascents can have multiple interpretations: from the mystical experience to the structures of power.
It could be said that its spaces, the small houses drawn in the air with piano strings and steel rods, are spaces that represent us, in which we can identify ourselves. We are inside the house and we are the house, at the same time: the inhabited becomes inhabitant.