Christian Verginer - Artists - Galerie LeRoyer

With academic studies and experience in the family studio, Christian Verginer skillfully wields his sculpting tools. He merges Val Gardena traditions with modern tastes, crafting figurative sculptures that blend childhood wonder and the vitality of the natural world.

Based in the Alto Adige region of northern Italy, Christian Verginer skillfully wields his sculpting tools, exploring, elaborating, and emphasizing the almost symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. His studio, shared with his father Willy Verginer and brother Matthias Verginer, serves as a creative space where they merge Val Gardena traditions with modern tastes. Christian's figurative sculptures blend childhood wonder with the vitality of the natural world, portraying scenes where leafy branches grow like pigtails, birds perch on zippers, and young boys sit on ladders leading to tree tops and clouds. Textured by small gouges, Christian's works juxtapose realistic renditions of children with fantastical elements, often painted in vibrant green, slate gray, or beige. Christian's ideas are non-dynamic and potentially arise at any moment, during a trip to the mountains, while resting on the sofa, but also while working. Verginer has a very precise idea in mind, which rarely evolves during the creative process. Aesthetically, the sculpture may change slightly, while the message and the idea remain the same.

Christian observes the world and pursues the underlying reality of life through his creations. By applying a few contrasting colors, vivid expressions, and introspective themes, his sculptures express the vision in his heart – human beings have the ability to coexist harmoniously with nature without conflict. Through exquisite carving techniques, Christian's works fully express his heartfelt pursuit and more vividly explain the relationship between man and nature.