CSRK - Artists - Galerie LeRoyer

A self-taught artist, CSRK first discovered urban art in Europe. Fascinated by the dissident nature of this practice, he chose Montreal to dive into the richly symbolic universe of the mural scene. From building facades to highway pillars, artworks flourish and invite reflection. Within this incredible aesthetic diversity, he quickly finds his place.
Although he divides his time between two different artistic practices (OUT for outdoor work and IN for canvases)—yet complementary—CSRK creates a plastic universe tinged with codes and references that have accompanied him since childhood. The collages he places on Montreal’s brick walls, as well as the works he creates in his studio, evoke the nostalgia of a colorful past but also bear the mark of a highly symbolic daily life.

Thus, characters from old comic strips or those directly from the great classics of cinema find themselves adorned with a maple leaf or the logo of the local subway company. The artist creates a dialogue between icons of the past and local colors, a testament to his day-to-day life in this city he loves.