Installation Views

Press Release

Discover the remarkable “Migratory Series,” a corpus of animal artworks that pays homage to vibrant colours, propelled by the warm winds of June and the enchanting full moon of strawberries. Like tropical butterflies, these artistic creations come from elsewhere, their glass hooves fueling the playful realm of our fantasies.

They awaken our vivid dreams.


Midnight is at our doorstep. Twelve strikes and our golden amusements come to life.

In a magical burst.

Through the “Migratory Series” we immerse ourselves in a world where animals come alive in a palette of vibrant colours, capturing our attention and awakening our spirits. These artworks transport us to a realm where nature and imagination harmoniously intertwine.

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the “Migratory Series” and dive into the realm of our awakened dreams.