Bernice Lum - Artists - Galerie LeRoyer

Bernice Lum is a visual artist based, born and raised in Toronto. Her body of work are iconic characters that she has grown up with that deal with mass media, mass culture, celebrity, bowling, ice cream, and everything sugar and nice.

Bernice was born in 1963 when television, fast food, TV dinners, the Beatles, and Saturday morning cartoons were front row and center. It was also a time when artists began combining pop culture with forms of imagery from advertising, movies and even comics into the realm of high art. Bowling was also a huge part of popular culture in the 20th century and in her family life, and continues in its popularity with a new resurgence.

Bernice’s work immediately evokes a tone of nostalgia, familiarity, kitsch, sentimentality, and at the same time, a sense of humor, wit, and mischievousness.