Coderch & Malavia | Galerie LeRoyer

Coderch & Malavia is a sculpture project in which the human body is the core. A universe of meaningful forms centred on the idealised human figure and a clear horizon: beauty as an everyday tool. Joan Coderch and Javier Malavia came together in 2015 to create sculptural work featuring a refined technique, present from the modelling in the studio to the final piece cast in bronze.

Joan Coderch was born in 1959 in Castellar del Vallés, Barcelona, and he graduated from Barcelona’s Faculty of Fine Art in 1984. Javier Malavia was born in 1970 in Oñati, Guipúzcoa, and he graduated from Valencia’s San Carlos Faculty of Fine Art in 1993. Once they met, they discovered their artistic similarities, which led to their undertaking this new project that follows in the footsteps of masters of figuration such as Maillol, Rodin, Marini and Bourdelle.

Part of the originality of their art lies in the way they work, they make their sculptures four-handed, thereby sharing the act of creation. Joan and Javier also share common values such as a social commitment with regards to equality, the environment and childhood.

Their project stands out due to its honesty and authenticity; they explore different human attitudes to life, in which mimicking nature, the search for emotion, the revealing of feelings that direct man, the encounter between the figure and posture, and the combining of beauty and discipline feature prominently. The human being is at the core of their art.