Dominic Besner Artist - Represented by Galerie LeRoyer

Dominic Besner, born in 1965 at the border of Ontario and Quebec, struggled with childhood fears of darkness that ultimately fueled his boundless creativity.  It was in this darkness that he drew an infinite imagination, an endless source of creativity. Encouraged by his mother's advice to "tame your fears," Besner embarked on a creative journey that would ultimately establish him as a painter of immense genius.

Leaving behind the tranquil countryside, Besner pursued architecture studies at the University of Montreal, earning his degree in 1992. However, the rigors of the discipline felt oppressive, stifling his desire for creative freedom. His true artistic transformation occurred when he crossed paths with Michael Mensi, his agent for nearly 25 years, who guided him to become a full-time professional painter.

Building on his foundation in drawing and composition inherited from his architectural studies, Besner developed a unique pictorial technique, using his bare hands to apply paint to the canvas. He sculpts, scrapes and warms the material with extraordinary dexterity.  Exploring various mediums, from oil sticks to acrylics and china markers to structural mortar, he continued to utilize a black background—a nod to the darkness of his childhood. This nocturnal canvas sparked his imagination, giving birth to characters with pale faces and animals reminiscent of his farm upbringing. Architectural elements, a legacy of his academic journey, also found their way into his art.  His characters stand proudly, immobile, while the animals always seem to be in motion. 

Besner's work graces walls worldwide, with prestigious exhibitions in renowned museums such as the Suzhou Museum in China, Villa des Arts in Casablanca, Mont-Saint-Hilaire Museum, Art Gallery of the University of Sherbrooke, and the renowned Saatchi Gallery in London. Notably, Besner made history by becoming the first artist to exhibit at the Caisse de Dépôt et de Placement du Québec with his famous “La démesure des convoités” exhibition in 2004. In 2011, he repeated this success with “MORA,” another exceptional exhibition presented at the Côte-des-Neiges Military Manege on majestic Mont-Royal in Montreal. With over 30 years of artistic practice under his belt, Besner's works are now treasured in the hearts of many public and corporate collections around the world. He is also the recipient of numerous awards, testifying to his exceptional contribution to Quebec's cultural scene and beyond.