Manu Muñoz - Artists - Galerie LeRoyer

In a context not very conducive to urban art, Manu Muñoz began to make his first murals and graffiti in 1990. After his first exhibition in Madrid in 1996, he decided to dedicate himself entirely to the plastic arts. Since then, he has made numerous exhibitions, collective and individual, inside and outside of Spain. France, Japan, Belgium, the United States, Germany or England are the countries where his work has been seen.

His work has described a line outside the dictates or fashions of art: a personal and pure work, described in eclectic compositions and mixtures of concepts sometimes opposed, creating images that could well be a setting for the most primitive emotions or a terrain to cultivate new reflections. His work has undergone different changes, both in concepts and techniques, something that does not concern the artist, who defends the creative exercise as an act of freedom and commitment to the change of times, also linked to the experience of the individual in constant interaction with the world.

Nature as a key element, as a starting point or as a final goal, is the axis of most of his current works. The recreation of the universal and the timeless composed of real elements used as simple forms devoid of meaning. Order from chaos or vice versa. There are no dictations because everything is unpredictable and changeable.

After almost 30 years of career, in which his works have been shown in galleries and fairs in Europe, America and Asia, Manu Muñoz continues working tirelessly and immersed in what the artist calls "endless learning": experimentation, search for new languages that enrich his work and thus broaden the discourse of his work in territories to be discovered.