Matthias Verginer, was born in 1982 in Bressanone, Italy, and raised in Ortisei / Val Gardena amid the stunning Dolomites mountains. He embarked on his artistic journey after studying graphics at the secondary art school of Selva Val Gardena, eventually transitioning to sculpture. During his apprenticeship, Verginer collaborated with several sculptors, and today, he shares a studio with his brother Christian and his father Willy, both esteemed contemporary sculptors. Initially recognized for his whimsical works that juxtaposed human figures and animals in absurd relationships, Matthias Verginer took a different artistic direction.

His current sculptures involve layered wood with fabric in between, crafting intricate configurations. Other wood sculptures feature pencil lines, accentuating the inner character and nature of people. Verginer's sculptures often symbolize introspection, inner reflection, and instinctive reactions. These artworks capture moments of contemplation, suggesting a pursuit of connection with emotions, and thoughts, rather than fixation on the external world. They emphasize the importance of looking inward to gain understanding and wisdom, prompting us to ponder the mechanisms through which we perceive reality.

In exploring the joys, pains, and challenges of human existence, Matthias Verginer's sculptures strike a balance between realistic representation and a deeper, alienated meaning. His work has been showcased in solo and group exhibitions across Europe, the USA, Taiwan, and now with Galerie LeRoyer in Canada.