Taner Yılmaz - Artists - Galerie LeRoyer

Taner Yılmaz (Germany, 1981) was born in Frankfurt and later moved to Bursa, Turkey. Yilmaz’s paintings are his way of conveying the feelings from his subconscious. As a passionate artist, he has the ambition of observing all historical facets, feelings and attitudes. 

Taner is a portrait artist who utilizes a variety of techniques to elicit a breadth of interpretations from his audience. These reactions, although stemming from a concrete visual medium, are ephemeral and emotional. Through his utilization of cubist and impressionistic techniques, Yilmaz evokes a hypnotic realm within the mind of the viewer. Posing the question: "What does it mean to be hypnotized?" Stemming from the visual cortex, this hypnosis works its way through the mind into the other senses. As a viewer you are able to touch, taste, smell and hear the scene as though you were there yourself.

The sensual interpretations experienced create a trans-dimensional bridge from the mind of the artist, through the painting, through the eyes and mind of the viewer to ultimately end up as a physical response that will imbue itself in perpetuity within the body